Round transparent boxes

Round transparent boxes

Round and transparent PP and PET plastic boxes with separated lids.

Ref. Dimensions  Volume Price
3938 D9.5 x H4.5 cm 150 cc PP   2.60 USD per 50 pcs
3342 D9.5 x H5.5 cm 200 cc PP 2.70 USD per 50 pcs
D9.5 x H6.5 cm 250 cc PP
4147 D9.5 x H4 cm 250 cc PET 2.80 USD per 25 pcs
4161 D9.5 x H6 cm 350 cc PET   2.95 USD per 25 pcs
3893 D9.5 x H7.5 cm 500 cc PET 3.25 USD per 25 pcs





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