US Gallon Detergent and sanitizer

US Gallon Detergent and sanitizer

3.78 L US Gallon Detergents.

Ref. Specifications  Price
2307 Dish washing liquid 2.22 USD 
2451 Stainless cleaner
2447 Liquid antiseptic (dettol) 1.70 USD 
2449 Chlorinated detergent (Javel) 1.50 USD 
2450 Multi use cleaner (general clean) 1.70 USD 
2453 Bleaching agent (flash) 2.22 USD 
2454 Surface sterilizing agent
79 White dove liquid hand soap 2.22 USD 
4283 Anti-bacterial liquid hand soap
4223 Body shampoo
2468 Hair shampoo
1835 Glass cleaner
3422 Oven degreaser
3391 Alco based liquid hand sanitizer
4293 Odorless multi-use sanitizer 
2456 Gel based hand sanitizer (3.5 L)

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